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AP PAINTS AND CHEMICALS (APPC) has its own brand white cement-based wall putty ie, Promo Plus. Promo Plus -White Cement Base Wall Putty is a powder-based combination of ultra-fine cement, flexible powder polymer, cellulose, colors, and a variety of additional ingredients. It is used on both the outside and inside of walls to provide a smooth, undulating surface.Our White cement wall putty provides a smooth surface, resists cracks, flaking, peeling, and dampness, and gives exceptional coverage for both interior and outdoor walls. Our White Cement Wall Putty is precisely created utilising unique polymers to provide an elegant finish to walls while also making it easier for customers to work on both indoor and exterior walls. APPC is the most reputable manufacturer and supplier of Wall Putty. APPC’s Wall Putty is UV resistant and water resistant, providing for a smoother finish. Our White cement wall putty has a smooth surface, resists cracks, flakes, peels, and dampness, and gives exceptional coverage for both interior and outdoor wall.


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How To Apply-Promo Plus Wall Putty




The substrate should be dust-free, grease-free, and devoid of loose objects. Using a suitable amount of clean water, moisten the wall before applying the Promo Plus  wall Putty
MIXING OF “PROMO PLUS WALL PUTTY”To produce a paste, slowly combine Promo Plus  Wall Putty with 35-40% clean water. Mix for another 10-15 minutes, or until a homogeneous paste is produced. For proper mixer ideally use a mechanical mixer. Prepare just an amount that may be consumed within 1-2 hours after being mixed with water.
PRE-WETTING OF THE SUBSTRATEIt is very important that the surface be properly wetted before applying the ” Promo Plus Wall Putty.” During application, the surface should be moist. This results in increased bonding strength, ease of workability, and surface coverage.

1.After fully mixing “Promo Plus Wall Putty,” use a putty blade to apply the first layer uniformly from the bottom to the top of the wet wall surface. This would ensure less waste and a perfect finish.

2.After the initial coat of putty has dried, carefully wipe the surface with a damp sponge or very lightly with the putty blade to remove any loose particles.

3. Allow at least 3 hours for the surface to dry before applying the second coat of putty.After the second layer has dried, erase any sort of markings with a damp sponge or wipe the surface very gently with the putty blade.

4. Allow the surface to cure, ideally overnight / 10-12 hours.

5. The overall thickness of the coatings should be no more than 1.5 mm.