Types Of Alcoholics

The largest percentage of alcoholics fall into this group, as NIAAA publishes that 31.5 percent of all alcoholics in the United States fit this subtype. This group is typically in their late teens or early 20s, and either just of legal drinking age or slightly younger. Many young adult alcoholics are likely college students who are away from home https://ecosoberhouse.com/ for the first time, and who are surrounded by a culture that promotes and encourages excessive social drinking. After detox, it is crucial to find an inpatient alcohol rehab near you. After all, the disease of alcoholism is chronic and won’t go away overnight. Instead, it requires extensive treatment, behavioral therapy, and rehabilitation.

Alcoholism is a serious substance abuse issue facing more than 15 million Americans, and treating all alcoholics the same has provided unsatisfactory results. Healthcare specialists know that alcoholism can affect people differently for a range of reasons. Studies like this one help expand the ways we can approach alcoholism to help those in need the most effectively. If no two people are alike, then no 15 million people can possibly be alike either. These new types help scientists and healthcare specialists create more appropriate prescriptions to treat this deadly disease.

Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Tramadol Addiction

But identification also helps by letting people with alcohol use disorder AUD know that they are not alone, and that they have a serious health problem that requires a medical treatment plan. There is help and support available to help them successfully recover from their illness. And when a person fully understands that their drinking problem is an illness – and not a moral weakness – classification shows them that their disease did not come out of nowhere. Genetics, environment, personal habits, and mental health history all contributed to their choice the fact that they have continued to drink despite negative consequences. The NESARC is a nationally-representative survey that looks at alcohol, drug, and mental disorders in America.

Of all subtypes, the functional subtype is the least likely to have legal problems; they are the least likely to report problems due to their drinking. They have the highest education levels and incomes of all types of alcoholics. These are people that may seem to have their lives together; they may be the ones that others look up to. However, while they are “functional” in a sense, they are still suffering from addiction.

Substance Use Treatment

Around half of functional alcoholics are married, and most have full-time jobs with a mean family income of around $60,000 per year . This subtype is marked by a moderate probability of alcohol use disorders in family members (around 22%) and an especially low risk of comorbid types of alcoholics psychiatric disorders. For instance, this group has a less than 1% probability of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, a moderate probability of cannabis and tobacco abuse, and a particularly low likelihood of having a mental disorder like depression and anxiety.

types of alcoholics

Those in the chronic severe subtype have the highest rate of divorce and separation. Thankfully this subtype is the most likely to seek help for their alcoholism, often from rehab programs, self-help groups and detox clinics. While the chronic severe subtype is the rarest category, with only 9.2% of alcoholics, it’s considered the most dangerous form of alcoholism. Members of this group tend to start drinking young, by age 15, but they generally don’t develop a dependence until their late 20’s.

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